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Mission Statement

NCK, LLC's mission is to improve the mental health of adolescents, young adults and their families to advance understanding of their developmental and psychiatric needs, raise the standard of care through the highest quality compassionate, specialized and effective treatments leading to a sense of balance and safety in their lives.



There are two words that I adore, the first is an Italian word: “Attraversiamo," which means "Let's Cross Over” and the second is “Statera," the Latin word for “balance.”




​My niche is working with teenagers, young adults with acute and post-traumatic stress disorders, adjustment issues, high achieving/perfectionistic kids and families, anxiety related disorders, depression, mood disorders, self-harm, acute cases and family difficulties. I also enjoy supporting adolescents/families during the transition between high school and college/career path and during their young professional careers. As an experienced therapist, I have been providing family therapy since 2003 and have been recognized for partnering with community providers, school personnel, pediatric practices, hospital inpatient units and others in order to collaborate on behalf of the child and family so that they can reach their treatment goals with a team behind them. I also provide Telehealth sessions to accommodate the busy lives of my clients and families.             

"Concierge Therapy"


Therapy for the most discreet of clients. Currently available through reference from select 





I wear a second hat and that is one of a consultant, to places of education (i.e., private schools, colleges and universities), to business and government agencies in finding ways to streamline their operations (i.e., Lean), support their team members (i.e., Therapy) and corporate training (i.e., dealing with issues such as Executive stress and burnout.)




While not currently accepting new clients, if and when an opening becomes available,  I provide a free consultation prior to the evaluation in order to make sure I am the right fit for you.


The goal is to support you through your transformation "Cross Over" and prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow.  Whether you are an individual, an academic system or a corporation, I can help you "cross over" and find “balance" in this chaotic world.

Please, contact me so we may discuss how I can be of service.

About me

Ivy League trained specialist in  Teens, Young adults, families as well as Consulting to Enterprises.


Utilizes Evidence Based Practices to get to the root cause of the issue(s)


Supports enterprises through transformation

"Concierge" Therapy

Service for the most discreet of clients

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