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Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul.
~ C.J. Jung

The goal of my practice which is also my niche, is to continue working with teenagers with acute and post-traumatic stress disorders, adjustment issues, high achieving/perfectionistic kids and families, anxiety related disorders, depression, mood disorders, self-harm, substance abuse and family difficulties. I also enjoy supporting adolescents/families during the transition between high school and college and during their college/post high school years into their professional careers. I have been providing family therapy since 2003.  I’ve been recognized for partnering with community providers, school personnel, pediatric practices, hospital inpatient units and others in order to collaborate on behalf of the child and family so that they can reach their treatment goals with a team behind them.               

I relocated from CT in 2018 and I am excited and grateful to have established a local practice focused on adolescents, young adults and their families in Johns Island, SC and other Lowcountry areas. My goal is to expand The Lowcountry Mindfulness Center so that other practitioners have a space where they can provide needed services in our community.  


I am currently accepting new patients and provide a free consultation prior to the evaluation in order to make sure I am the right fit for. I also provide telehealth sessions to accommodate the busy lives of my clients and families.


Waiting Area

for Parent / Guardian

Therapy Room

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